I Am

Welcome to the offical Venetian website. We are VॐNETIAN, an alternative Dance/Pop trio.

It's easy to follow others, to be and do what others do, but this is the inner circle, where we are our own identity, our own form. If you are reading this, you are already part of the Vॐ. Set the trend, be the wolf

Follow. Believe. Become Vॐ

Signed to Alpha Records Managed by UAC Management


Our music is our message, our flagship. We don’t do this for us, but for the fans, the people that come to the shows, the people that get the songs, the people that tell their friends. It you who drive us make us believe that what we do is worth it. We all want our place in this world, and our place is with you, at that show, singing our lyrics with us. You’ve joined us to this point, welcome to the inner circle


This is our second official single about revisiting a relationship and sparking up what used to be an old flame. This one is for those who are supposed to be together no matter what.

The single features our newest family member "Rose". After much time in the studio, and recording our official music video, Echo is now available.

GRIND (Live in Birmingham)

This is an acoustic version of our song "Grind". Perfomred live in Birmingham with Connex Music, who interviewed us and recorded a live performance of our stripped back version of the single.

You can visit the Connex Music page here: here

Girls In Magazines

This is a song about how people are always led to believe that the girls portrayed in the media are what the norm should be, how their beauty is what every girl should aim to be like. We took this song and have put it out there because we don't agree with this message.

"Girls In Magazines" is about the other girl, the girl who isn't plastered around as a model, the girl who is taught to believe she's not pretty, that she's not "good enough". This is for those girls who are unrecognised in a media-beauty driven world

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Born in January 2016, the trio VॐNETIAN rose from the ashes of past bands to form something new.

All members have lived their lives closely with music, touring, playing festivals and selling out shows. It was simply a matter of fate that the 3 formed together, all knowing what they wanted, and loving the life of music and the fans they've chosen to believe in.

Rose, our newest addition, was the final piece. A chance of luck that was found after spending a year searching for a female vocalist. She finished off the trio and brought that edge that was needed for us to be where we are today.

You can't write a book with only 1 chapter, and these past memories and experiences have brought them to where they are now, finishing the story they've searched for all this time. This is our story!

This is Vॐ



Tour dates coming soon...